Higher Education

As a knowledge nation, Norway has a great need for people with high level professional skills across a broad spectrum of fields. It is a goal that everyone should be able to get an education regardless of their social background. Welfare schemes for students are an instrument that can be used to achieve this. The government wants to change the structure of higher education to achieve solid specialist research communities and high quality education.


Quality in higher education

Universities and university colleges are to provide higher education of a high international standard on the basis of the foremost within research, academic and artistic development work and empirical knowledge.

Bilde av studenter


The Ministry of Education and Research establishes the rules for admission to educational programmes, and has the overall responsibility for state educational institutions, student welfare and student financing.

What's new

Better cooperation with important countries

13/10/2015: Traditionally Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and Japan are not countries that Norway have cooperated extensively with in higher education and research. This is something the Government would like to change.

From 33 to 21 state universities and university colleges

15/11/2016: The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has decided to award the Abel Prize for 2014 to Yakov G. Sinai (78) of Princeton University, USA, and the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences.