Sports policy

The objective of sports policy is to ensure that people have access to a broad range of local sports activities, whether organised by membership-based sports clubs or independently.

Sport and physical activity have positive effects on both individuals and society in general. There is no clear distinction between the intrinsic value of physical activity and the social significance of sport. Sport at all levels is important for both those who participate and many people around them. The value and effect of playing sport is the primary reason why the State provides funding for sporting activities.

Support for voluntary, membership-based sports clubs is important for the maintenance and development of a comprehensive, strong range of local activities. Well-maintained sports facilities are needed so that as many people as possible can play sports and engage in physical activity. It is also important that facilities reflect the population’s activity profile.

Children and young people are the most important target group for state sports policy.

The Ministry of Culture’s responsibilities

The Ministry of Culture has overall responsibility for the administration of profits generated by Norsk Tipping AS (Norway’s national lottery and gaming provider) for investment in sporting activities. Various administrative tasks associated with the channelling of funding into sports facilities and physical activity have been delegated to municipalities and county authorities. The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports is the largest grant recipient. Questions regarding lottery funds should initially be addressed to the local municipality or country authority.

Distribution of lottery funds to sporting activities (primary distribution)

The profits generated by Norsk Tipping are distributed as follows: 64% to sporting activities, 18% to cultural activities and 18% to social and humanitarian organisations that are not associated with the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports.

Sports facilities

Information of VAT compensation for the construction of sports facilities and gaming funds for Equipment.

Special sporting activities

Information on anti-doping work, grants to promote inclusion in sports teams, grants in support of measures targeting groups with special needs and outdoor programmes for children and young people.

Grants to the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports

The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports is the State’s most important activity partner.

Grants for local sports teams and sports associations

Since the primary distribution was established in 2000, the Ministry of Culture has run a grant scheme specifically targeting local teams and associations organising sporting and physical activities for children and young people.

International sports cooperation

The Ministry of Culture is involved in international sports cooperation, and is represented on the Council of Europe and in various anti-doping and sports facility forums. National authorities in the Nordic region also collaborate extensively in the area of sports.