Department of Civil Society and Sports

The department is responsible for state sports policy and generally for coordinating and harmonising the state’s relations with the voluntary sector. The department administers the surplus generated by Norsk Tipping for sports purposes, socially beneficial and humanitarian organisations and the Frifond fund. Its general responsibility for voluntary-sector policy encompasses the value added tax compensation scheme for non-profit organisations, civil society and voluntary sector research, the Register of Non-Profit Organizations and simplification initiatives.

The department consists of the following sections

  • SI1

    The section has primary responsibility for sports, including the distribution of the surplus from Norsk Tipping to sporting activities/the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, sports facilities in the municipalities, facilities policy program, mountain trail projects and mountain, coastal and lowland overnight accommodation. The section is also responsible for national sports arenas, the sports facilities register, major sporting events, Norway’s anti-doping work in sports, the Register of Non-Profit Organizations, the distribution of Norsk Tipping surplus to socially beneficial and humanitarian organisations, and value added tax compensation for non-profit organisations and in connection with the construction of sports facilities.

  • SI2

    The section has primary responsibility for civil society policy and the framework conditions for voluntary activity. This includes grants to volunteer centres, the Frifond fund, for inclusion and integration in sportsclubs, local clubs and associations, outdoor recreation, the follow-up of the government’s declaration on voluntary work and the simplification of state grants for voluntary organisations.