The Ministry of Culture is divided into seven departments, The Communication Unit and The Minister’s secretariat.
  • Department of Administrative Affairs

    The internal running of the Ministry lies with the Department of Administrative Affairs. The tasks of the department include matters relating to staff, pay, working conditions, etc., as well as information technology, accounts and budgetary affairs for the entire Ministry.

    Department director: Assistant Secretary General Henning Henriksen

  • The Department of Sport

    The department’s areas of responsibility include the administration of the allocation to sport purposes of the surplus from the state-owned gaming company Norsk Tipping, as well as sports centers, sport policy, international sport management, and anti-doping.

    Department director: Acting Director General Per Kristian Aasmundstad

  • Department of Church Affairs

    The responsibility of the Department of church affairs includes the central management of the Church of Norway. The main tasks are connected to the church’s legal, organizational and economical arrangements. The central law regarding the church is the Church Law.

    Department director: Director General Ingrid Vad Nilsen

  • Cultural Heritage Department

    The Cultural Heritage Department is responsible for developing national policy in the fields of literature, language, archives, libraries and museums.

    Department director: Director General Kjell Myhren

  • The Communication Unit

    The Communication Unit is responsible for information regarding the ministry’s political affairs and key decisions. The unit handles the day to day contact with the press and the public, and assists the Minister and political leadership in media matters. This includes press releases, press conferences, speeches, and editing the Ministry’s website.

    Department director: Head of Communication Hanne Gjørtz

  • Department for the Arts

    The Department for the Arts is responsible for artists’ schemes, visual arts, music and stage arts.

    Department director: Acting Director General Henning Henriksen

  • Department of Media Policy

    The department is responsible for mass media, film, computer games, copyright legislation, gaming/lotteries and foundations.

    Department director: Director General Nina Økland

  • Department of Civil Society and the Voluntary Sector

    The Department of Civil Society and the Voluntary Sector is responsible for culture and commerce, culture in the northern regions, dialogue between the government and various religious and life stance communities, and management of the relevant grant schemes in this area and open life stance ceremony at funerals. The overall coordination of the state’s relationship with the voluntary sector, this includes the administration of cross-sector grant schemes such as compensation for value-added tax, volunteer centers, grant schemes for local voluntary work (Frifond), the Voluntary Register (Frivillighetsregisteret) and the Fundraising Register (Innsamlingsregisteret). The department's responsibilities also cover the management of a research and development program in addition to general analysis tasks, statistics and reports.

    Department director: Director General Lars Audun Granly