Department of Administrative Affairs

The Department of Administrative Affairs develops governing systems and determines overarching guidelines for effective and coordinated management and operation of the Ministry. The department handles administrative matters and ensures that the Ministry’s management is in regulatory compliance.

Among the tasks within the department’s remit are facilitating efficient budget processes, ensuring good systems for skills development and personnel administration, records management and ICT, as well as ensuring sound work on safety and emergency preparedness. In addition, the department is responsible for the development and maintenance of systems for agency management, active ownership and the administration of subsidies.

Moreover, the Department of Administrative Affairs assists the political leadership and the secretary general in coordinating a wide range of matters.

The Department of Administrative Affairs consists of three sections and one unit:

  • The Section for Personnel and Organisation (AD1)

    The section holds responsibility for recruitment, the Ministry’s personnel and payroll functions, and has special responsibility for leadership, skills and organisational development. It is also responsible for editing, operating and developing the Ministry’s intranet. Further, the section coordinates health, safety and environment (HSE) efforts and the agreement for a more inclusive working life (known as IA in Norwegian).

  • The Section for Financial Affairs (AD2)

    The section coordinates work on the national budget and national accounts. It is responsible for the Ministry’s internal financial system, its internal budget, developing and maintaining steering documents in the financial field, financial management and accounts, and budgeting and financial management rules. The section is also responsible for internal control activities including risk assessment and procurement.

  • The Section for Public Administration (AD3)

    The section is responsible for operating and developing the Ministry’s records and document management, follow-up and development of ICT and other facility services, and general operational tasks. It is also in charge of preventive safety and emergency preparedness.

  • The Coordination Unit (AD4)

    The Unit coordinates matters for government conferences, inputs and consultations. The Unit also coordinates other matters such as follow-up of the UN's sustainability goals, contact with the municipal sector, and reports to the Storting and the Prime Minister's office. The Unit has system responsibility for the internal management and control, and support the Ministry’s leadership in handling all matters that do not naturally fall within the remit of the other departments. Responsibility for the Ministry's intranet has also been added to The Coordination Unit.