Distribution of gaming funds for sporting purposes (the main distribution)

Gaming proceeds from Norsk Tipping are distributed as follows: First, 6.4 percent is distributed to health and rehabilitation projects. Of the remainder, 64 percent is allocated to sporting purposes, 18 percent to culture purposes and 18 percent to social and humanitarian organisations not affiliated with the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF).

The annual distribution for sporting purposes is specified in the main distribution. Provisions in the main distribution are in line with sports policy as outlined in the white paper Meld. St. 26 (2011-2012) on the Norwegian sports model.

The main distribution currently consists of the following items:

Item 1 Sports facilities

Item 2 National/specialist facilities

Item 3 Research and development

Item 4 Targeted activities: Anti-doping work etc., physical activity and social inclusion in sport clubs, recreational outdoor activities for children and adolescents, independently-organised physical activity, and grants for events.

Item 5 Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF)

Item 6 Grants to local clubs and associations

Item 7 Prioritisations in sporting strategy

Here is an overview of the main distribution for sporting purposes since the year 2000 (in Norwegian):