Sport facilities

Information of VAT compensation for the construction of sports facilities and gaming funds for Equipment.

Gaming funds for building and rehabilitating sport facilities contributes to infrastructure that gives people the opportunity to organize activities, and participate in activities, organized by membership-based volunteer sport clubs.

Local facilities that stimulate and satisfy children’s need for physical activity in organized or individually organized forms are given particular priority. When it comes to adolescents, the goal is to develop facilities that meet their need for challenge and variety. Young people must be given the opportunity to contribute to the design of facilities. The facilities should function as a social meeting place in the local community.

Allocating gaming funds for building and rehabilitating facilities that have great potential for use, and facilities in the local communities, are pivotal instruments in meeting government goals for sport facilities.

VAT compensation for the construction of sports facilities

The Gaming and Foundation Authority administers VAT compensation. The arrangement applies to sport facilities where construction work is commenced after January 1st 2010. It covers those who meet the conditions for receiving gaming funds through the Ministry of Culture and Equality’s grants for construction (including rehabilitation) of sport facilities, with the exception of municipalities/counties and municipal corporations.

Construction elements that are eligible for gaming funds can apply for VAT compensation. It is not a requirement that gaming funds have been awarded, in order to apply for VAT compensation but there must be an approved grant application for the facility. Accounting forms and an auditor's report must be included as attachments to the application.

Visit the website of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority regarding the scheme: About compensation on the website of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (Norwegian only)

Gaming funds for equipment

The subsidies for equipment are managed by the NOC. For application forms and further information on application procedures and guidelines for the allocation of funds, visit the website of the NOC (Norwegian only) and the specific sports association.