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Film and media

The government aims to strengthen the Norwegian media and facilitate that all groups in society have a good media offer. Media is essential for freedom of expression and democracy. The need for credible, editor-controlled media of high quality is greater than ever. The government also wants to strengthen the regional film investment, increase the production funds for Norwegian film and review the film incentive scheme to ensure more film productions in Norway.

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Broadcasting and on-demand audiovisual services


Broadcasting entails the transmission of radio or TV programmes, the key element being that these are received directly and in real time by the public. On-demand audiovisual services are services that have as their main objective offering programmes that can be viewed at a time of the viewer’s choice.

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Media policy


The media is necessary for freedom of speech and is a pillar of democracy.

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Film and gaming policy


Films, computer games and other audiovisual productions are important forms of artistic expression that contribute to the public discourse in Norway. The film industry and the market for audiovisual productions are undergoing major change, partly as a result of digitalisation, the entry of global players, and the subsequent changes in consumption.

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