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Sami cultural policy

The Ministry of local government and modernisation has the overall responsibility for the coordination of the State’s Sami policy. The Ministry of Culture has the responsibility for the implementation of the government’s Sami policy relevant to their sectors.

The subject responsibility of the Ministry of Cultural

The Ministry of Culture has the overall responsibility for the cultural- and language policy in Norway.

Throughout the Sami policy carried out over the last ten years Norwegian authorities have based their policy on that the Sami people should be able to have influence with matters relevant to them. Within the cultural policy this principle is obeyed with as the Sami Parliament has the administrative authority with reference to the allocation in chapter 320 General Cultural issues on the state budget, section 53 Sami Parliament. The Sami Parliament controls the allocation in accordance with own goals and priorities.

In addition the Ministry of Culture issues grants and allocations to among other things Sami newspapers, Sami films, Sami archives, Sami bibliography and Sami sports. For a complete overview, reference is made to the Ministry of local government and modernisation’s yearly publication concerning allocations in the state budget to Sami purposes.

Several international conventions concerning minorities and indigenous have as their object to preserve the Sami language and culture. The duty to co- ordinate the government’s work with reference to the following up of The European Pact of 5 November 1992 on Minority Languages lies with the Ministry of local government and modernisation.   

Sami Cultural Actors may apply for and receive state aid to various projects through the Sami Parliament and The Arts Council Norway’s different support schemes.  

More information about the basis for and the main rules regarding the government’s Sami policy is displayed on the web pages of the Ministry of local government and modernisation.

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