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The Ministry of Finance and numerous associated institutions report on the condition of the Norwegian economy. On this page you can find some of the most important sources of information about the subject.



Revised National Budget 2018:

Stronger growth, lower unemployment and a more sustainable welfare state

The Norwegian economy has recovered from the downturn induced by the 2014 drop in the oil price and is now characterized by optimism and solid growth. The 2018 Fiscal Budget approved last autumn is still well adapted to the economic situation, and thus its key features remain in the Revised Budget.


Revised National Budget 2018:

Outline of economic developments and fiscal policy

In order to ensure simultaneous access to potentially market sensitive information The Ministry of Finance here unveils selected key figures prior to the budget release, which takes place at 10:45. A table with more detailed projections will be released together with the budget.


Meld. St. 1 (2017 - 2018)

National Budget 2018

Faced with the most severe oil and gas price slump in 30 years, the Government has over the last few years actively used fiscal policy to counter unemployment. This has worked as intended. Targeted fiscal policy has, along with low interest rates and a distinct improvement in competitiveness, served to promote growth and reduce unemployment, also in southern and western Norway where economic activity was the most affected by lower oil prices. Economic growth is expected to be in line with trend growth this year and higher than trend growth next year. For the current year, this represents a significant increase from previous estimates, and the rebound appears to be swifter than had been anticipated.

Meld. St. 29 (2016-2017)

Long-term Perspectives on the Norwegian Economy 2017

The macroeconomic framework promotes a solid and stable development of the Norwegian economy. The Government Pension Fund Global helps to separate the earning of petroleum income from the use of that income, allowing the revenues to also benefit future generations.


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