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Economic Policy

The Ministry of Finance and numerous associated institutions report on the condition of the Norwegian economy. On this page you can find some of the most important sources of information about the subject.


Illustrasjon for statsbudsjettet 2019

National Budget 2019:

A budget to promote employment, welfare and security

"The Norwegian economy is doing well. Businesses are investing more and employment is rising throughout the country. We are using the good times to secure a sustainable welfare state and a safer Norway", says Minister of Finance Siv Jensen.

Illustrasjonsbilde. Foto: Colourbox

National Budget 2019:

Outline of economic developments and fiscal policy

The Ministry of Finance unveils selected key figures prior to the budget release, which takes place at 10:00, to ensure simultaneous access to potentially market sensitive information. A table with more detailed projections will be released together with the budget.

All cases about Economic Policy


Meld. St. 1 (2018 - 2019)

National Budget 2019

Norway is a country of great opportunities. High labour utilisation and high productivity are the foundations for high economic growth throughout the country. The Government’s eco-nomic policy is based on the premise that wealth needs to be created before it can be shared.

Prop. 1 LS (2018 – 2019) Taxes 2019

Proposition to the Storting (bill and draft resolution) for the fiscal year 2019


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