The Norwegian Government plans to increase national security, especially in the North

This content is more than 2 years old.

The security situation in Europe has changed. This means that emergency preparedness in Norway must adapt correspondingly. The Norwegian Government proposes allocating a total of NOK 100 million to counter foreign intelligence and complex threats, and for an increased presence in the High North.

‘The Norwegian Government wishes to strengthen the security of the Norwegian population and of Norwegian interests, and we will act quickly. We are therefore proposing a number of measures to further secure Norway. We must prevent, discover, and combat intelligence, sabotage, and influence from foreign states in Norway. We will allocate a total of NOK 100 million for this work,’ says Minister of Justice and Public Security Emilie Enger Mehl.

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) continually assesses the threat picture in Norway, and is closely monitoring the situation. The PST considers the intelligence threat from Russia in Norway to have increased.

‘We will therefore strengthen the PST and the police by increasing personnel and upgrading equipment, which will enhance our operational capacity and presence, especially in our northernmost counties. We are allocating NOK 57 million to strengthen this work, which will go to the new police/PST unit to combat complex threats, and to increased counter-intelligence and a greater presence in Northern Norway,’ states Ms Mehl. There are also equipment needs in order to put the PST in a better position to detect foreign activity in Norway.

‘In addition, the PST will receive NOK 45 million for equipment to obtain and collate information and to detect any activity of foreign states in Norway,’ says Ms Mehl.

The Norwegian Government will also improve controls in Svalbard, and therefore proposes that NOK 8 million be allocated for spot checks of persons in Svalbard.