The environment will be managed in a way that maintains the diversity of habitats and landscape types and ensures that there are viable populations of naturally-occurring species: this will ensure that biological diversity can continue to evolve. Norway aims to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010.


Seas and coastlines - the need to safeguard species diversity

Norway has the second longest coastline in the world after Canada, with a length of 100,915 km including all the islands. The seabed and water are biological treasure troves that we will both protect and harvest in a sustainable manner. All indications are that the pressure on environmental values and resources will be stronger in the future, both in our areas and globally.

Management plans for marine areas

The purpose of the management plans is to facilitate value creation while also maintaining natural diversity. The Ministry of Climate and Environment is responsible for work with the management plans. Marine management is important in Norway, we have extensive ocean areas – six times greater than our land area. These areas are very rich in resources. We also have many activities here that affect marine life.

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Invitation: Act #ForNature global forum

05/06/2020: The Act #ForNature global forum from Oslo June 7-10, broadcasted from Oslo, Norway and connected to streams all over the world, support actions for nature to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Norway presents revised marine management plans

24/04/2020: Today, the Government presented its revised management plans for Norway’s sea areas – the Barents Sea–Lofoten area, the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea and Skagerrak. One management measure that is being introduced is a shift of the boundary for oil and gas activities in the Barents Sea south to the line where ice is found on average on 15 % of the days in April.

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White Paper

Nature for life - Norway’s national biodiversity action plan (Chapter 4–9)

The Government takes a long-term approach to the management of Norwegian nature. We must ensure that future generations also have opportunities for wealth creation based on healthy ecosystems.

White Paper

Norway’s integrated ocean management plans

The purpose of the management plans is to provide a framework for value creation through the sustainable use of marine natural resources and ecosystem services and at the same time maintain the structure, functioning, productivity and diversity of the ecosystems.