Public consultation – NOU 2024:2: In interaction with nature – nature risk for industries, sectors and society at large in Norway

Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment is now having the report on public consultation.

Status: Currently out for consultation

Deadline for consultation: 30/06/2024

Our reference: 24/990

An expert commission was appointed by royal decree on 22 June 2022, and submitted its report in February 2024.

The report describes what nature risk is, assesses how different actors in Norway and society can be affected by loss of nature and looks into how different actors in public and private sector can analyse and handle nature risk in the best possible way.

The full mandate can be seen here: Norway's Nature Risk Commission

English summary can be found here: NOU 2024: 2 In interaction with nature – Nature risk for industries, sectors and society at large in Norway

Responses to the consultation (Comment letter) can be submitted by using the email-address '', with the following reference: 24/990. (The submission module below can be used. Explanatory text is only available in Norwegian.)

The deadline for consultation is 30 of June 2024.

The consultation statements are public according to the Public Information Act and are published on