Sea transport and coastal management

A well developed and functioning maritime infrastructure is a key factor in the effective maritime transport of goods and passengers, wealth creation and sustaining and developing the coastal populations. A declared national objective is to transfer more goods to sea transport. The Ministry of Tranport is responsible for coastal fairways and fairways to the key ports. The Ministry is also responsible for preventive safety at sea and the state contingency arrangements dealing with severe pollution as well as responsibility for the coastal and maritime environment.

Norwegian centre for oil spill preparedness and marine environment

A national competence center for the promotion of knowledge, cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies and methods for oil recovery operations and reduction of marine plastics.

The Norwegian National Coastal Administration

The Norwegian National Coastal Administration is the Ministry’s advisory and executive body in matters pertaining to the administration of ports and seaways. The National Coastal Administration is organised into five coastal regions, each of which has a local regional office. The head office in Ålesund is responsible for the overall administration of these districts. The Norwegian Coastal Administration’s Department of Emergency Response, is located in Horten.

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