Aviation is one of the key elements in domestic transport in Norway as well as a vital international link. The industry is of international dimensions, and regulated to a high degree by international regulations, agreements and conventions. The Ministry of Transport and Communications is responsible for the framework conditions for aviation in Norway.

Civil Aviation Authority Norway

An administrative agency responsible for ensuring safe and efficient operation of civil aviation.


The company owns state airports and plans civil aviation infrastructure. It provides airport and aviation safety services for passengers and airlines and other users of civil aviation installations.

Accident Investigation Board Norway

An administrative agency responsible for investigating accidents and incidents in the civil aviation (railway, road and marine sectors).


Air services negotiations with the Russian Federation

Norway will, together with Denmark and Sweden, hold air services negotiations with the Russian Federation on 28 and 29 June 2016 in Oslo.

A future for Norwegian aviation

’The Government will continue its competition-oriented aviation policy and strengthen the country’s aviation community. At the same time, we see that Norway needs to engage in international cooperation to ensure fair competition, orderly working conditions and safe air traffic. Efficient and safe aviation services are essential for business and Norway’s citizens.’



Civil Aviation Section

Phone: + 47 22 24 83 53
Address: Postboks 8010 Dep, 0030 Oslo
Visitor address: Akersgata 59 (R5), Oslo

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