Joint Declaration on cooperation to secure critical subsea infrastructure

Norway and five other North Sea countries have signed a joint declaration on cooperation to protect energy and telecommunications infrastructure in the North Sea.

‘We have a common interest with our neighbors around the North Sea basin to secure critical infrastructure. This is essential both for energy security and resilience, and to ensure the safety of those working offshore. This joint declaration is an important foundation for ensuring safety and is a clear example that we have common goals. Together we are stronger,’ says Minister of Energy Terje Aasland.

‘Through cooperation, we will secure the digital infrastructure in the North Sea. The submarine fiber cables are crucial for internet traffic between Norway and other countries, and I am pleased that we, together with five other countries, are now further protecting this. It is important for our interests, energy production and our maritime activities that we safeguard this infrastructure,’ says Karianne Tung, Minister of Digitalization and Public Administration.

Damage to energy pipelines and subsea fiber optic cables has led to an increased focus on securing critical subsea infrastructure in the North Sea. Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, the UK and Denmark have therefore signed a joint declaration to work together to protect infrastructure in the North Sea.

There is a significant amount of critical infrastructure in the North Sea. This includes subsea fiber optic cables, gas and oil pipelines, electricity transmission cables and offshore wind installations. The subsea infrastructure in the North Sea is interconnected across national borders and therefore a joint initiative for safety and protection is needed.

The signing of the Joint Statement confirms the common interest of the countries to cooperate on the protection of infrastructure in the North Sea. The aim is to join forces to implement appropriate measures and exchange information and best practices. The Joint Statement focuses on resilience and prevention and is therefore complementary to NATO's work, in which all countries involved participate.