From the opening show in Bodø.

Speech by the Prime Minister at the opening event – Bodø 2024, European Capital of Culture

Speech/statement 03/02/2024

“Show the rest of Europe all that the Arctic has to offer; the natural surroundings, the colours, the resources, the people, the music, the art, the possibilities. And be brave, make full use of the wonders of the north”, said Prime Minister Støre.

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Justis- og beredskapsminister Emilie Enger Mehl og arbeids- og inkluderingsminister Tonje Brenna står foran en blåvegg på scenen i Marmorhallen.

New measures to ensure continued control of immigration

Press release 30/01/2024

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is continuing with full force. More than half of the Ukrainian refugees who arrive in the Nordic countries seek protection in Norway. Norway will continue to provide support for Ukrainians, but is imposing more restrictions to bring the level of arrivals closer to that of the Nordic countries.

Tegninger av norske og ukrainske flagg som er hengt opp på et vindu mot en skolegård

Changes to the regulations for displaced Ukrainians

Press release 07/12/2023

Norwegian municipalities have done an outstanding job of settling and integrating displaced persons from Ukraine. Norway will continue this commitment, and take its share of the responsibility, but the level of arrivals must be sustainable over time. The Government is therefore implementing measures to handle the continuing situation with a high number of Ukrainian arrivals.

Grått kartutsnitt av Europa med Ukraina framhevet i blått.

Attack on Ukraine

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February 2022. On this page you will find content about the war in Ukraine and its consequences for Norway.

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