Support to democracy efforts and human rights in Myanmar

Norway has supported efforts to promote democracy and human rights in Myanmar for many years. This support has mainly been channelled through civil society organisations in Myanmar and Norway.

Norway has played an important role on behalf of the international community by bolstering the process of reforms that began in 2011. Providing support for the peace process, which is an important element of the overall reform process, has been a key aspect of Norway's role.

Norway's support for the peace process has again been mainly channelled through civil society organisations, which in turn have been underpinning the peace efforts of the parties to the conflict . Together with other international donors, Norway will also provide funding for the central financing mechanisms that are being established for the peace process, including the Joint Peace Fund (JPF). This will help to strengthen the government-led process. Norway will also support the work of the joint mechanisms that are being established by the parties to the peace process, including the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC), and will promote the

participation of the various armed groups in the peace process, for example through capacity-building projects. In addition, funding will be provided for specific humanitarian and development projects in conflict areas, with the added aim of helping to build confidence and trust in the peace process.

Norway is continuing to support the peace process in a range of ways, for instance by sharing its experience from peace processes and helping to build the capacity of the parties through various channels. The active engagement of civil society and local communities is a key aspect of all projects and efforts supported by Norway to advance the peace process.

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