National measures from January 2021

Key recommendations and advice that currently apply. Check your local municipal website for local rules.

Overview of national corona measures from January  2021.


Avoid all non-essential travel domestically and abroad. Stays in cabins in Norway with persons from the same household are permitted, but you must comply with all applicable local and national rules and guidelines.

Arriving in Norway

All persons arriving in Norway must register prior to crossing the border. This also applies to Norwegian citizens.

All persons arriving in Norway are required to take a Covid-19 test as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after arrival. 

All persons arriving in Norway must quarantine for a period of ten days.
It is possible to end quarantine as of day seven if the person entering Norway tests negative for Covid-19 on two occasions following their arrival.

Persons arriving from abroad must also provide proof of a negative test taken no more than 72 hours prior to entering Norway.

Persons who do not have a permanent home (rented or owned) or suitable quarantine accommodation provided to them by their employer in Norway must remain in a quarantine hotel.

(Some groups are exempt from these rules, including those with society-critical jobs and children under the age of 12).

Social contact

Avoid hosting guests in your home until 19 January. Exemptions apply for necessary home-based services and visits to people who may die soon.

Persons who live alone may receive visits from or pay visits to one or two specific friends or to one specific household.

Children in the same kindergarten or primary school cohort may meet.


It is recommended that events are postponed until after 19 January.

Rules if an event must be held in spite of this recommendation:

A maximum of five people - or all members of the same household - may gather for private gatherings outside their own home such as a birthday party
in hired premises. Children in the same cohort are exempt from this limit.

A maximum of ten people may attend indoor events, while the limit is 200 people for events at which all members of the audience are seated in fixed seating.

A maximum of 50 people may attend funerals, even if seating is not fixed.

A maximum of 200 people may attend outdoor events, while the limit is 600 people for events at which all members of the audience are seated in fixed seating.

Higher education, schools and kindergartens

All teaching and planned events at universities, university colleges and vocational training schools will take place digitally until 19 January.

All upper and lower secondary schools in Norway will switch to a red level of alert.


Working from home is advised for everybody who is able to do so.

Sport and leisure activities

It is recommended that all organised leisure and sporting activities that take place indoors are postponed until after 19 January.

Elite sports and other events that are exempt from distancing requirements and without any members of the public in attendance are not subject to this requirement.

Outdoor activities may be undertaken if it is possible to maintain appropriate distancing.

Restaurants, cafés, bars

There is a national ban on the serving of alcohol in licensed restaurants, bars, cafes, as well as at events.

Guest contact details must be recorded – subject to the guest’s consent.


All shopping centres and shops must introduce limits on the number of customers permitted inside to enable distancing and to control access to the premises.