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Agreement on Swedish expansion of the certificate system

The Norwegian and Swedish Governments have agreed that Sweden can extend the certificate scheme with a new goal of 18 TWh new renewable electricity in 2030.

- I am pleased that we have come to an agreement about the future of our common certificate scheme. When Sweden wishes to support more renewable energy towards 2030, the best solution is to do this within the established system. This gives predictability both for the developers and for the Norwegian consumers, says Terje Søviknes, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy.

Norway and Sweden have had a common certificate scheme since 2012. When the Norwegian Parliament treated the White Paper on energy policy last summer, it became clear that Norway does not wish to set new goals for the certificate scheme after 2020. In Sweden, a political majority agreed last summer to extend the certificate scheme with a new goal of 18 TWH by 2030.

The expansion of the certificate scheme will be implemented by increasing the electricity certificate quotas in Sweden linearly by 18 TWH in the period from 2022 to 2030. This will be an addition to the Swedish financing of 15.2 TWh in 2020. Norway will not increase its financial commitment, and will finance 13.2 TWH in 2020 as in the agreement from 2012. 

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