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  • Energy and petroleum research

    Subject Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

    Research and development (R&D) on energy and petroleum is one of the Norwegian government's priorities. The government's vision is to make Norway a global leader in developing green energy.

  • Norwegian Accreditation

    External organization Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    Nowegian Accreditation is the Norwegian accreditation body.

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  • The Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management (DFØ)

    External organization Ministry of Finance

    The Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management (DFØ) is the expert body for financial management within the central government. The agency is also promotes good administrative management in central government bodies.

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  • Food

    Subject Ministry of Agriculture and Food

    Government food policy covers the entire production chain, from farm to fork - and consumer opinions are given considerable weight when policy is formulated. The main objective is to safeguard the supply of sufficient, safe and varied high quality

  • Statistics Norway

    External organization Ministry of Finance

    Statistics Norway prepares and publishes official statistics in Norway, in addition to conducting extensive research activities.

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  • The Brønnøysund Register Centre

    External organization Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    The Brønnøysund Register Centre is a government body under Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, and consists of several different national computerised registers.

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  • Energy

    Subject Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

    The chief task of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is to develop a coordinated and coherent energy policy. It is an overriding goal to ensure high value creation through the efficient and environmentally-friendly management of the country’s

  • Norwegian Customs (Tolletaten)

    External organization Ministry of Finance

    Norwegian Customs shall prevent illegal imports and exports of goods and facilitate correct and efficient imports and exports of goods.

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  • Pharmaceuticals

    Subject Ministry of Health and Care Services

    The aim of health policies regarding pharmaceuticals is to promote correct use of medicinal products. Our goals are low pharmaceutical prices and reliable access to efficient medicinal products independent of patients' ability to pay.

  • Archives, libraries and museums

    Subject Ministry of Culture

    Ministry of Culture maintains the overall national responsibility for archives, libraries and museums.

  • The Ocean


    The Government is committed to the oceans and Norway is playing a leading role in the global efforts to promote clean and healthy oceans. More than 200,000 Norwegians work in the petroleum, seafood and maritime industries, helping to generate

  • The Government Pension Fund (Statens pensjonsfond)

    External organization Ministry of Finance

    The inflow in the Government Pension Fund Global consists of all state petroleum revenues as well as the return on the fund’s investments. The operational management of the Pension Fund Global is carried out by Norges Bank, which invests the fund’s

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  • Norwegian centre for oil spill preparedness and marine environment

    External organization Ministry of Transport

    A national competence center for the promotion of knowledge, cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies and methods for oil recovery operations and reduction of marine plastics.

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  • Transport and communications

    Subject Ministry of Transport

    The Ministry of Transport and Communications has overall responsibility for the framework conditions for postal and telecommunications activities, for the civil aviation, public roads and rail transport sector, ferry services forming part of the

  • Biodiversity

    Subject Ministry of Climate and Environment

    The environment will be managed in a way that maintains the diversity of habitats and landscape types and ensures that there are viable populations of naturally-occurring species: this will ensure that biological diversity can continue to evolve.

  • Municipalities and regions

    Subject Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation has overriding responsibility for matters relating to housing policy, regional policy, local administration and the holding of elections.  Click "All cases about Municipalities and regions" to find

  • Equality and social inclusion

    Subject Ministry of Culture

    The Ministry of Children, and Equality is responsible for coordinating the Government’s policies and legislation concerning equality, discrimination and integration. The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation is responsible for the policy

  • Economic Policy

    Subject Ministry of Finance

    The Ministry of Finance and numerous associated institutions report on the condition of the Norwegian economy. On this page you can find some of the most important sources of information about the subject.

  • Cultural heritage and cultural environment

    Subject Ministry of Climate and Environment

    Cultural monuments and cultural environments are important resources as a source of knowledge and experience, for the development of local societies and for industrial development. The cultural monuments which we protect and preserve for posterity

  • Child Welfare

    Subject Ministry of Children and Families

    The primary duty of the child welfare services is to ensure that children and young people living under conditions that may harm their health and development will receive the necessary assistance when they need it, and to contribute to giving

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