State Secretary Aleksander Øren Heen (Centre Party)

Statssekretær Aleksander Øren Heen i Klima- og miljødepartementet

Phone: +47 22 24 57 03

Born: 1989
Appointed: 22/10/2021

State Secretary to Minister of Climate and Environment Espen Barth Eide.

Aleksander Øren Heen is State Secretary in the Ministery of Climate and Environment. Representing the Centre Party (Sp), he has held several political positions at local, regional, and national level. Before he took position as the party’s group leader at the Vestland County Council in 2019, he served as a political adviser to Centre Party’s representatives in the Standing Committee on Transport and Communications at the Parliament.  A carpenter by profession, Mr. Øren Heen has been self-employed as a construction contractor for the last ten years.