Meld. St. 32 (2015–2016)

Svalbard — Meld. St. 32 (2015–2016) Report to the Storting (white paper)

In the past, comprehensive white papers on Svalbard have been presented approximately every 10 years. The white papers have each contributed to guiding the archipelago’s development for a number of years, and the comprehensive review process has contributed to balanced development within the framework established by the Svalbard policy objectives.With this white paper, the Government confirms that the overriding objectives of the Svalbard policy remain unchanged. As the number of employees in the coal mining company Store Norske has decreased, it is important to the Government that Longyearbyen also in the future remain a viable local community that is attractive to families. In this white paper the Government signals a continued focus on research and higher education, tourism, and other varied economic activities. At the same time, the Government will support the development of a more diverse economy within the the framework of  the Svalbard policy objectives.

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