Strategy for Lower secondary Education in Norway: Motivation and Mastery for better Learning

Joint effort to improve classroom management, numeracy,reading and writing.

In the strategy Promotion of the Status and Quality of Teachers the government has launched a series of measures to strengthen a modern school of knowledge. Increased efforts on further and continuing education and school based development measures are some of the most important initiatives. Even if it is crucial with good individual teachers it is not sufficient. We also need school heads who are able to create environments for sharing of knowledge and collaboration, and municipalities and counties aiming at good quality in their schools. It is the interaction between good teachers, school leaders and school owners which is the key to succeed.

This Government supports all schools to become learning organizations, however, the team building in itself has to take place locally. Lower Secondary in Development is an important national measure – both to contribute to this team building and to enhance the pupils` basic skills.
School based competence development is a basic element in the Lower Secondary in Development. This implies the fact that the school, including the management and all the staff are taking part in the development processes at their own working place. School becomes a learning organization where teachers and management are facing the challenges in common, evaluate their own practice and execute changes and develop the education and training when necessary.

In this way a team is built in school to be for the best for the pupils.
Simultaneously we are continuing the historical emphasis on further and continuing.

Strategy for Lower secondary Education in Norway