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  • Communications Adviser Jenny K. Trøite

    Administrative staff Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation


    Phone + 47 22 24 67 77

    Mobile phone: + 47 900 24 610

  • Departments

    List page Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

    The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has six departments. The Press and Communications Division is part of the Secretary General’s staff.

  • Communication Adviser Snorre Tønset

    Administrative staff Ministry of Climate and Environment
    Snorre Tønset

    Press enquiries concerning The Government of Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative.


    Phone +47 22 24 59 90

    Mobile phone: +47 918 81 856

  • International cultural engagement

    Subject Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Government attaches great importance to helping Norwegian artists, writers, architects, designers, musicians and other practitioners of the creative arts to gain a foothold on the international stage. The Government also seeks to strengthen the

  • Norwegian Environment Agency

    External organization Ministry of Climate and Environment

    The Norwegian Environment Agency’s central tasks and responsibility will be in managing Norwegian nature and preventing pollution.

    Web page:

  • Acts and regulations

    Search does not publish a complete overview of current acts and regulations. For a complete overview (in Norwegian), check Lovdata, which, in addition to the overview, also publishes all acts and regulations in their entirety.

  • Department of Cultural Heritage and Religious and Life Stance Affairs

    Department Ministry of Culture

    The department is responsible for religious and life stance policy and has overall responsibility for Opplysningsvesenets fond and the war graves service. Its responsibilities also include the development of national policy in the archive, library,

    Department director: Director General Ingrid Vad Nilsen

  • Hospitals

    Subject Ministry of Health and Care Services

    The hospitals provide the public with specialised treatment. In addition, the hospitals have tasks involving research and training, as well as educating patients and their loved ones. The Ministry of Health and Care Services has supervisory

  • Business cooperation abroad

    Subject Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    One of the most important tasks of the Foreign Service is to promote Norway’s business interests abroad. Internationalisation is crucial for maintaining the competitiveness of the Norwegian business sector, and high priority is given to supporting

  • Kindergarten

    Subject Ministry of Education and Research

    Efforts to create the inclusive knowledge society must start early, and the government prioritises to lift the quality in the kindergarten sector. All kindergarten children must have a safe environment for development and learning in excellent

  • Statssekretær Tone Skogen (The Conservative Party)

    Political staff Ministry of Defence
    Statssekretær Tone Skogen

    Phone 23 09 60 02

  • Secretariat of the Minister of International Development

    Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The secretariat is headed by Director Alex Vodicka Winther.

    Department director: Director Aslak Brun

  • Security policy

    Subject Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The main aim of our security policy is to safeguard Norway’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political freedom of action. A broad range of political, military, legal, diplomatic, and economic instruments are used in this work. 

  • Permanent residence and contact arrangements

    Landing page Ministry of Children and Equality

    Parents who do not live together may make their own agreements concerning parental responsibility, permanent residence and contact visits for children in common. The local Family Counselling Office may assist in this. Parents who fail to reach

  • Magnus Thue (Conservative Party)

    Political staff Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries
    Magnus Thue

    Magnus Thue was appointed State Secretary to the Minister of Education and Research Torbjørn Røe Isaksen on 12 August 2016.


    Mobile phone: 922 49 113

  • Families and children

    Subject Ministry of Children and Equality

    The Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion endeavours to ensure that children and young people get a good upbringing and that families can feel secure, both financially and socially.

  • Organisation

    Organization chart Ministry of Justice and Public Security

    The Ministry of Justice and Public Security is headed by the Minister of Justice, Public Security and Immigration. The highest ranking permanent official is the Secretary General, who leads the Ministry’s administration. Each department is led by a

  • War graves

    Landing page Ministry of Culture

    The graves of foreign soldiers and prisoners of war from the First and Second World Wars are to be preserved and maintained. The overall responsibility for this lies with the Ministry of Culture.

  • Finance and Governance Unit

    Department Ministry of Justice and Public Security

    Department director: Director General Thor Arne Aass

  • Contact

    Contact information Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

    Visiting adress Akersgata 59, Oslo Three departments are located in Akersgata 44 Four departments are located in Møllergata 37. Mailing adresses Postboks 8019 Dep. 0030 Oslo Norway E-mail E-mail for the Ministry’s employees