National measures from 23 February 2021

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Key recommendations and advice that apply nationally from 23 February, updated with entry rules to Norway. The government will carry out a new assessment of the measures in mid-March. Check your local municipal website for local rules.

National measures
National measures Credit: HOD

Social contact

Everyone should limit social contact.

It is recommended that meetings with other people take place outdoors, and to avoid visits of more than five guests in addition to those who are already living together.

If all of the guests are from the same household, more visitors are permitted, however, the number of visitors must allow for physical distancing.


All shopping centres and retail stores must ensure that it is possible to maintain distancing of at least one metre from others.

Restaurants,  cafés, bars

Alcohol will only be served to persons also being served food.

The cut-off time for the serving of alcohol will be 22:00.

A distance of at least one metre must be
maintained between guests not from the same household.

All guests must be seated and alcohol will only be available by table service.

Arriving in Norway

The border is effectively closed to all non-Norwegian citizens who are not residents of Norway. Norwegian citizens are always entitled to enter Norway.

Exemptions are in place for persons holding jobs critical to society, persons involved in the transportation of goods and passengers, health personnel from Sweden/Finland who work in the Norwegian health and social care system, persons exercising visitation rights with their children, persons who otherwise have special grounds upon which to enter Norway.

All persons arriving in Norway must take a test at the border.

Persons arriving from abroad must also provide proof of a negative test taken no earlier than 24 hours prior to entering Norway.

All persons arriving in Norway must register prior to crossing the border.

All arrivals must quarantine in suitable accommodation or in a quarantine hotel. Persons not staying in a quarantine hotel must take a test on day seven. Persons living in the same household as a person who is in quarantine following their arrival in Norway should, as a rule, also quarantine.


You are advised to avoid all foreign travel. Avoid unnecessary domestic travel.

Travel to a place of study may be deemed necessary travel.

You may travel to a cabin (owned or rented) or hotel domestically within Norway, but you should avoid public transport where this is possible.

As a general rule, persons travelling to municipalities with less strict measures in place should follow the recommendations that apply to the municipality in which they ordinarily live.


Events that bring people together from different municipalities should be postponed or cancelled.

Rules for events:

A maximum of ten individuals may attend private gatherings outside their own home, such as a birthday celebration in rented premises.

A maximum of ten people may attend indoor events, while the limit is 100 people for events at which all members of the audience are seated in specific, assigned positions.

A maximum of 50 people may attend indoor sporting events for children and young people under 20 years old provided that they only bring together participants from within the same municipality.

A maximum of 200 people may attend outdoor events, while up to 3x200 people may attend provided

Sport and leisure activities

Children and young people under 20 may train and participate in leisure activities as normal, and sporting events that bring together participants from within the same municipality are permitted.

In the case of children and young people who train with a sports team in another municipality, they will be permitted to compete with this team provided that the prevailing infection situation allows for it.

In non-team sports without close contact, competitions may bring together participants from across the sport/region.

Adults over the age of 20 are not recommended to engage in organised activities indoors. Adults may participate in exercise outdoors, if it is possible to maintain sufficient physical distancing.

Elite athletes may continue to train as normal both indoors and outdoors.

The recommendation contin­ues to be that league matches in elite sports should be postponed.

Elite sporting events are permitted, with the exception of league matches.

Schools and kindergartens

Kindergartens and schools are currently ranked yellow.

Higher education

Students and pupils may physically attend teaching in person at universities, university colleges and vocational schools provided that enhanced infection prevention measures are in place.
Study space and libraries may also open provided that infection prevention measures are in place.

All planned events should be digital and larger lectures and gatherings should be avoided.

Students in areas without high rates of infection should have the option of in-person instruction at least once a week where it is possible to implement smaller groups and in accordance with infection control guidelines.


Working from home is advised for everybody who is able to do so.