Changes in the Government

This content is more than 1 year old. The information may therefore be out of date.

In the session of the Council of State today, the King has made changes in the Government.

Ms. Sylvi Listhaug has been appointed Minister for the Elderly and Public Health.

At the same time, Minister for the Elderly and Public Health, Ms. Åse Michaelsen, has been honourably discharged from her office.

The changes are active as of 12.00 hours today.


The Government represents the Conservative Party (C), the Progress Party (PrP), the Liberal Party (L) and the Christian Democratic Party (CDP):

Prime Minister
Ms. Erna Solberg (C)

Minister of Finance
Ms. Siv Jensen (PrP)

Minister of Culture and Equality
Ms. Trine Skei Grande (L)

Minister of Children and Families
Mr. Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (CDP)

Minister of Education and Integration
Mr. Jan Tore Sanner (C)

Minister for the Elderly and Public Health
Ms. Sylvi Listhaug (PrP)

Minister of Local Government and Modernisation
Ms. Monica Mæland (C)

Minister of Health
Mr. Bent Høie (C)

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ms. Ine Eriksen Søreide (C)

Minister of Trade and Industry
Mr. Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (C)

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
Ms. Anniken Hauglie (C)

Minister of Transport
Mr. Jon Georg Dale (PrP)

Minister of Defence
Mr. Frank Bakke-Jensen (C)

Minister of Climate and Environment
Mr. Ola Elvestuen (L)

Minister of Digitalisation
Mr. Nikolai Astrup (C)

Minister of Research and Higher Education
Ms. Iselin Nybø (L)

Minister of Fisheries
Mr. Harald Tom Nesvik (PrP)

Minister of Petroleum and Energy
Mr. Kjell-Børge Freiberg (PrP)

Minister of Agriculture and Food
Ms. Olaug Vervik Bollestad (CDP)

Minister of Public Security
Ms. Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde (PrP)

Minister of International Development
Mr. Dag-Inge Ulstein (CDP)

Minister of Justice and Immigration
Mr. Jøran André Smedal Kallmyr (PrP)