From reception centre to the labour market – an effective integration policy

This content is more than 5 years old. The information may therefore be out of date.

The Government will ensure rapid and successful integration of immigrants, and presents 69 measures to promote integration in a new White paper to the Parliament.

– Immigrants who shall live in Norway must go to work, pay taxes, learn Norwegian and become participating citizens, says Sylvi Listhaug, Minister of Immigration and Integration. 

The Norwegian welfare model relies on high labor participation. The government will pursue an integration policy which ensures that people who are granted a permanent residence in Norway, quickly are coming into work. 

– Integration has no quick-fix. To succeed, it is essential that newly-arrived immigrants with refugee backgrounds are enabled to enter the labour market as soon as possible. We have to set tough requirements, and facilitate immigrants to use their skills. With this White Paper, the government sets the direction for future work. We promote 69 measures as a good start for better and more integration, says the Minister. 

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