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Government to provide student support for electricity costs

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The Government is proposing offering an application-based additional loan of NOK 3000 to students at universities, university colleges and vocational schools and adult students studying at upper secondary level in order to cover their electricity costs. NOK 1200 of this additional loan will be converted into a grant.

“Students, particularly in Southern Norway, have been facing high prices for electricity in autumn and winter. This is an additional expense that many people are finding challenging. This is why the Government will be introducing measures aimed specifically at students,” says Ola Borten Moe (Centre Party), Minister of Research and Higher Education.   

Students and adult students who are able to provide written evidence of their electricity costs will be able to apply for this additional loan. 40 per cent of the additional loan, equivalent to NOK 1200, will be converted into a grant.

“The additional loan and grant will be available through the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund as early as January, and the money will be paid out quickly,” says Borten Moe.

Information will be provided to students when the solution for additional loan and grant applications is in place at the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund in January 2022.

“Students are one of a number of groups of people who have been affected by the price of electricity this winter. This is why we are also working on a number of measures to reduce electricity bills for other groups as well,” says Borten Moe.