Revised state budget

Health and Social Services Ombudsman to be bolstered

This content is more than 1 year old.

The government is bolstering the budget of the Health and Social Services Ombudsman in its revised state budget. This will enable it to continue serving patients and healthcare users throughout Norway.

In recent years, the service has faced a challenging financial situation. This has led to difficulties in providing its services, especially in locations where undertaking necessary travel is particularly costly.

Three million kroner

‘The government is committed to ensuring that patients and users of healthcare and social services across Norway are able to access a local representative of the Health and Social Services Ombudsman. This is why the government taken steps to bolster the service with NOK 3 million as part of its revised state budget,’ says Ingvild Kjerkol, Minister of Health and Care Services.

There are 15 local branches of the Health and Social Services Ombudsman based throughout Norway that serve the needs and interests of patients and healthcare users, ensuring they receive full legal protections when interacting with the health and social services.

‘The government’s proposal to strengthen the ombudsman service will ensure this vital service is available nationwide,’ says Kjerkol.