The Government’s second press conference for children

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The Coronavirus situation has changed. To provide new answers, the Norwegian government, held a second press conference for children.

The Governments first press conference for children was on march 16th. 

Before easter Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced Norway is planning to lift COVID-19 restrictions gradually and cautiously. Children’s day care centres, primary school classes for pupils in years 1–4 and out-of-school care programmes will re-open.

To provide children with new answers about the current situation, Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Minister of Children and Families Kjell Ingolf Ropstad and Minister of Education and Integration Guri Melby held a second press conference for them.

Web TV Inviterer til ny pressekonferanse for barn

See recorded broadcast

See recorded broadcast

Pressekonferanse for barn
Kunnskaps- og integreringsminister Guri Melby, statsminister Erna Solberg og barne- og familieminister Kjell Ingolf Ropstad holdt pressekonferanse for barn den 16. mars. Etter påske gjentas det. Credit: Eirin Larsen, SMK