Municipalities must prepare to offer a third dose to all people over the age of 45

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The Norwegian Government is now asking municipalities to offer a booster dose to people over the age of 45 after it has been offered to all people over the age of 65. People over the age of 18 with serious underlying health conditions and everyone who works in the health and care service will now be offered a booster dose.

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On 12 November, the Norwegian Government decided to offer a third dose (booster) to the population over the age of 18. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has considered ways of doing this, and the Norwegian Government is following its recommendation. Plans are still being made for people aged 18–45 to receive a booster dose.

‘It is important that municipalities continue their vaccination work apace. What is most important is that the third dose is offered to people over the age of 65. After that, the municipalities must continue vaccinating people down to the age of 45. I want to offer the municipalities more predictable conditions for continued vaccination with the third dose, so that they do not scale back their capacity,’ says Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

Most fully-vaccinated adults under the age of 65 are well protected against serious illness, even 6 months after the second dose was administered. However, the rise in the transmission rate means that higher numbers of people are at risk of infection and illness.

‘The transmission rate is rising, which means that more people may become seriously ill. A booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will offer each person even greater protection, which may prevent transmission and greater pressure on the health service,’ says Minister of Health and Care Services Ingvild Kjerkol.

The booster dose should be offered 6 months after the second dose. Municipalities should prioritise the people who have waited the longest. This will ensure that the people with the greatest need for increased protection are given top priority. 

Third dose to all people in the health and care service
All employees in the health and care service must be offered a booster dose – not only those who interact with patients.

‘We are doing this in order to protect the professionals in the health and care service, to prevent transmission, and protect patients better,’ states Kjerkol.