Norway and Colombia join forces to protect rainforest

- Colombia's rainforests are unique, and Colombia is demonstrating political will to tackle deforestation. Our goal is to establish a climate and forest partnership by the end of the year, ideally together with other partners. Such a partnership would yield numerous global benefits while also being an important step on the road to Paris, said Norway's Minister for Climate and Environment, Tine Sundtoft.

In Oslo on June 16th, Norway and Colombia released a Joint Statement outlining their common ambitions for a climate and forest partnership. Minister Sundtoft and Colombia's Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, Gabriel Vallejo, released the statement in the margins of the Colombian President's official visit to Norway.

In a joint press release , Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos, and Norway's Prime Minister, Erna Solberg urged world leaders to make tackling deforestation a top priority towards Paris.

-        Colombia's unique biodiversity, commitment to green growth and ambition of zero net deforestation in the Amazon makes Colombia an attractive partner country. With this Joint Statement Colombia and Norway show the path of our road together, Sundtoft said.

Next week, Minister Sundtoft will go to Colombia to meet with ministers, the private sector, civil society and indigenous peoples. The Minister will go to the Amazon to experience the beauty of Colombia's nature and learn more about the context and specifics of deforestation in Colombia.

-        Colombia's rainforests are important for the world's climate, biodiversity and for the socioeconomic survival of the local communities and indigenous peoples living off and in the forest. For Norway, it is important to support Colombia's ambitious plans to reduce deforestation, Sundtoft said.

The Amazon rainforest is of great significance to the rainfall patterns in the regions and the loss of rainforest in many parts of the world is a threat to agriculture and food security.

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