One Planet Summit

Statement by Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the One Planet Summit in Paris, 11 January 2021.

Let me thank President Macron for his important initiative in organising this summit.

The climate and biodiversity emergencies must be addressed jointly. Also when mobilising finance.  

The pandemic has hit us hard. As we are dealing with its consequences, we must also think ahead. Protecting biodiversity will strengthen global resilience against future threats, including new viruses and climate change.

We need an ambitious global framework for biodiversity. I believe three points should guide us:

  • First, we should reduce or redirect subsidies that are harmful to biodiversity – and start by screening such subsidies.
  • Second, we must generate additional resources from both the private and the public sector. We need to initiate private-public partnerships on a far wider scale.
  • Third, we need to use our resources for conservation and sustainable use more effectively.

Like France, Norway is increasing its ambitions. We have strengthened our national target under the Paris Agreement. Over the last decade, we have increased biodiversity financing substantially. We are looking to mobilise even more resources in the coming decade.

Halting and reversing tropical deforestation is a key element in addressing both climate change and biodiversity loss. Together with Germany and the UK, we have fulfilled our joint pledge to provide more than USD 5 billion between 2015 and 2020. Norway has pledged to continue its tropical forest initiative up to 2030. Ambitious forest countries, such as Indonesia, Gabon and Colombia, are reducing their deforestation rates. Now, both private companies and countries must start paying for those results – at scale.

Eliminating deforestation in relation to agricultural commodities is a key issue. I am pleased that Norway has just signed the renewed Amsterdam Declaration Partnership statement for 2025 together with eight European countries, aiming to move this agenda forward in close cooperation with tropical forest countries.

Let me end on a positive note. The pandemic has shown that the global community can mobilise vast resources when faced with an immediate crisis. We have the tools to respond to the biodiversity crisis. Let us show that we are ready to scale up action. A good starting point is to make sure we include biodiversity when addressing climate change. 

Thank you.