The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel to Russia

This content is more than 2 years old.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now revised its travel advice for Russia and is advising against all travel to the country.

The situation in Russia is unstable and may deteriorate rapidly. The closure of airspace over large parts of Europe will make it more difficult to travel to and from Russia. The situation has already affected travellers.

There is social unrest in Russia and many people have been arrested. Demonstrations and other forms of protest in support of and against the situation in Ukraine may escalate and lead to higher security risks for Norwegian travellers. Access to cash and goods may be limited in the time ahead.

If you decide to travel to Russia now, we recommend that you thoroughly assess the risks to your personal safety and contact your insurance company to ensure that your travel insurance is valid.

The situation in Russia may change very quickly. You should register your trip using the travel information portal or on the Ministry’s app, Reiseklar, which you can download from the App Store and Google Play (Norwegian only). This will enable the Norwegian authorities to reach you to communicate important information. If you are already in Russia, we advise you to follow developments closely and continuously assess the security situation and the risks to your safety.