Criminals to be denied entry

– The Government proposes to deny entry to Norway to people who have committed serious criminal offenses abroad. This means that multiple offenses may form the basis for rejection, even when they lie far back in time, says the Minister of Justice and Public Security Anders Anundsen.

Several serious offenses have sentences of between five to ten years in prison. After the current regulations, these are not included in the basis for assessing whether a foreigner should be denied or given entry to Norway. This applies for example to criminal offenses related to forced marriage, human trafficking and female genital mutilation, and incitement to terrorism.

– The Government proposes to change the Immigration Act so that foreigners who has previously been convicted abroad or imposed sanction for an offense that under Norwegian law can lead to imprisonment for five years or more, shall be considered rejected, regardless of how far back in time the convictions are, says Anundsen.

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