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Information and advice about the coronavirus situation from Norwegian authorities.

Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

Nikolai Astrup (Con.)

Minister of Local Government and Modernisation

Linda Hofstad Helleland (Con.)

Minister of Regional Development and Digitalisation

The Ministry is responsible for housing policy, the Planning and Building Act, local government finances and local administration, ICT Policy and Public Sector Reform, rural and regional policy, the conduct of elections, government employer policy, Sami and minority affairs and national mapping and geodata policy.


Digital agenda for Norway in brief

The purpose of this white paper is to present the Government's policy on how Norway can exploit ICT in the best interests of society.

Barriers to digitalization

On the assignment from the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, KPMG has undertaken a mapping and analysis of barriers for digitalization among Norwegian Companies.

News from the Ministry

Becoming the world’s most sustainable data center nation

“Norway has a unique foundation for becoming the world's most attractive data center nation. We have a surplus of renewable energy, low electricity prices, good digital infrastructure and a cool climate. The Government is now strengthening its commitment to a sustainable data center industry. This will create many new jobs in the regions and help develop new digital services throughout the country," says Minister of Regional Development and Digitalisation Linda Hofstad Helleland.

Norway’s strategy for developing a green, circular economy

The Government’s ambition is for Norway to play a pioneering role in the development of a green, circular economy that makes better, more efficient use of resources. Norway will play this role by further developing policy and policy instruments both nationally and in cooperation with the EU, to develop a framework for value creation and green competitiveness in Norway.

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