Department of Employer Policy

The Department of Employer Policy has the chief responsibility for the management and development of laws and regulations, agreements, administrative provisions, general conditions etc for the government's personnel and employer policy.

The department also plays a central role in instigating, advising and supporting restructuring, adjustment and organizational development in public administration, personnel matters, management development and information policy.

Within its areas of responsibility, the department also has international tasks in relation to EIPA, OECD, CEEP and similar organizations.

The department is divided into two areas of responsibility with separate leadership. The Negotiations Staff is directed by the Government Director of Personnel and carries the responsibility for all central agreements on pay and working conditions in the government sector. Lead by a Director General, the remaining areas of government employer policy are divided between several units: The Unit for personnel, organization and leadership policy; the Unit for documentation and analysis; the Unit for legal advisory functions; the Staff Unit for reforms and restructuring; and the Staff Unit for administrative support.

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