Evaluation reports and Annual reports

Evaluation reports and Annual reports

Evaluation Activities of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Until February 2004, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had an Evaluation Section, which was responsible for initiating and administrating evaluations of Norwegian development assistance and foreign policy. The Evaluation Section was then transferred to Norad and its mandate adjusted so that it now covers development policy and humanitarian aid. The research is undertaken by external consultants. All evaluations are concluded with a published report.

Most reports are in English, except when the listed title appears in other languages.

Below is a list of the reports published in the Foreign Ministry’s evaluation series up to the spring of 2004. More recent reports are published in Norad’s evaluation series ( see Norad’s website).

Reports may be ordered by e-mail.
We regret that some of the earliest reports are no longer available.

Reports listed by year:


1. Towards a Strategic Framework for Peacebuilding: Getting Their Act Together ( PDF format)

2. Norwegian Peacebuilding Policies: Lessons Learnt and Challenges Ahead ( PDF format)

3. Evaluation of CESAR's Activities in the Middle East Funded by Norway ( PDF format)

4. Evaluation Activities of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Annual Report 2003. ( Norsk) ( English) PDF format.


1. Evaluation of the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries (Norfund) ( PDF format)

2. Evaluation of the Norwegian Education Trust Fund for Africa in the World Bank (Finnconsult) (Word)

3. Evaluering av Bistandstorgets Evalueringsnettverk (only in Norwegian) ( PDF format)


1.  Evaluation of the Norwegian Resource Bank for Democracy and Human Rights (NORDEM)

2. Evaluation of the International Humanitarian Assistance of the Norwegian Red Cross (PDF-format)

3. Evaluation of ACOOPAM. An ILO program for “Cooperative and Organizational Support to Grassroots Initiatives” in Western Africa 1978-1999 (Word)

3A. Évaluation du programme ACOPAM. Un programme du BIT sur l’ “Appui associatif et coopératif aux Initiatives de Développment á la Base” en Afrique de l’Ouest de 1978 á 1999 (Word)

4. Legal Aid Against the Odds; Evaluation of the Civil Rights Project (CRP)of the Norwegian Refugee Council in former Yugoslavia (the document in PDF)

5.  Årsrapport 2002 – Utenriksdepartementets evalueringsvirksomhet (i Årsrapport 2002 – Utenriksdepartementets evalueringsvirksomhet)

6.Annual Report 2002 – Evaluation activities of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the document in Annual Report 2002 – Evaluation activities of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Reports by year:













Reports in the archives:

1989,  1988,  1987,  1986,  1985,  1984,  1983,  1982,  1981

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