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Fact Sheet 2002 Norwegian Petroleum Activity

Fact Sheet 2002 Norwegian Petroleum Activity

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy publishes the Fact Sheet Norwegian Petroleum Activity annually. Most aspects of Norway's petroleum operations are presented.

Here you will find an overview of fields in production on the Norwegian continental shelf, with such information as production, cost figures, licensees, location and more. In addition come data on fields under construction and evaluation, as well as pipelines.

Figures in pdf.

Fact Sheet in pdf
1 Summary
2 A brief history
3 State organisation of petroleum operation
4 Petroleum operations in the Norwegian economy
5 State revenues
6 Industry, employment and technology development
7 Petroleum resources
8 Production
9 Market status for Norwegian petroleum products
10 Petroleum operations and the environment
11 Legal and licencing framework
12 Licensing rounds
13 Exploration operations
14 Fields in production
15 Fields and projects under development
16 Future developments
17 Pipelines and land facilities
18 Licence interests on the Norwegian continental shelf
19 Company interests in the fields and production licence
20 White Papers, etc
21 Useful postal addresses

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