Facts 2004 The energy sector and water resources in Norway

The Energy Sector and Water Resources in Norway 2004

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy publishes an English translation of this facts 2004 on the energy sector and water resources in Norway every other year. The publication provides information on energy production and use, focusing particularly on the electricity supply sector and some of its special features. Hydropower is described in some detail, and there is a separate chapter on electricity transmission. Another chapter contains general information on the management of ground water and river systems.

No major changes from the 2002 edition have been made in this year’s publication. One new feature is a description of the difficult position experienced in the Nordic electricity market during the winter of 2002–03.
The coverage of research and development has been significantly revised to reflect changes to research programmes, while the review of international cooperation is restructured.

Every effort has been made to present the most up-to-date statistical material available. In virtually every case, figures for 2003 are presented.

The work was completed in September 2004.

Facts 2004 in pdf

Chapter 1 - 5
1 Introduction and summary
2 Electricity generation
3 Energy use and heat production
4 The legal framework for hydropower developments
5 Owners and organization of power supplies

Chapter 6 - 10
6 The transmission grid
7 The power market
8 Research and development
9 International cooperation
10 Water resource management


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