Letter of intent concerning the legal status of forces engaged in NORDCAPS activities

Letter of intent concerning the legal status of forces engaged in NORDCAPS activities

Considering that the Ministers of Defence of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden on the 2 nd> of April 1997 agreed to establish NORDCAPS,

Having established, in order to facilitate NORDCAPS, the NORDCAPS Steering Group, the NORDCAPS Military Co-ordination Group, the NORDCAPS Planning Element and a Nordic Pool of Force Register,

Recognising that the overall purpose of NORDCAPS is to adapt and further develop Nordic co-operation within the area of military peace support operations and to enhance the Nordic profile in international operations in order to achieve more beneficial efforts to support international peace and security,

Underlining that NORDCAPS aims at strengthening and expanding the existing Nordic co-operation in the field of military peace support operations, focusing on the foreseen requirements for political as well as military timely consultations and co-ordination,

Noting that the practical aim of the co-operation is to develop generic concepts and planning, multinational training and procedures in order to be able to generate Nordic robust and cost-effective forces for military peace support operations,

Emphasising the multinational aspect and the intention to draw forces from all three services - for land forces up to brigade size - from a pool of forces on a case by case basis,

Further emphasising the intention not to establish standing forces or permanent command structures for the purpose of NORDCAPS, not precluding the establishment of working groups or other arrangements necessary to plan and prepare for deployment,

Desiring to further develop the co-operation within these frames, including with regard to possible collaborations and relationships with other countries,

Expressing contentment with having signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) concerning NORDCAPS,

The Undersigned:

Note that the question of the legal status of forces engaged in NORDCAPS activities on the territories of the participants in NORDCAPS remains to be solved.

Further note that the PfP SOFA offers an appropriate balance between the interests of a sending and a receiving State with regard to privileges and immunities, also noting the reservations made by the Parties to the PfP SOFA,

Welcome the Swedish intention to initiate a process of reviewing national legislation with the aim of resolving the legal status issue as soon as practicable, subject to governmental and parliamentary decisions.

Acknowledge that the legal status of the officers assigned to the NORDCAPS Planning Element in Sweden will, as an interim solution until the legal status issue is solved, be the responsibility of each sending state to arrange with the competent authorities of Sweden.

Recognise that the function and location of the NORDCAPS Planning Element is linked to the question of status of forces engaged in NORDCAPS activities.

Intend to remain actively seized on these matters.



Mr. Svend Aage Jensby

Minister of Defence of the Kingdom of Denmark


Mr. Jan-Erik Enestam

Minister of Defence of the Republic of Finland


Ms. Kristin Krohn Devold

Minister of Defence of the Kingdom of Norway


Mr. Björn von Sydow

Minister for Defence of the Kingdom of Sweden