Regulations on Compulsory Abstinence from Alcohol etc., for Personnel performing Tasks related to Safety on Railways, including Tramways, Underground Railways and Suburban Railways etc. (Abstinence Regulations)

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Laid down by the Ministry of Transport and Communications on 16 October 2006 pursuant to Act No. 100 of 11 June 1993 on the Establishment and Operation of Railways, including Tramways, Underground Railways and Suburban Railways etc., (Railways Act), section 3a, section 3b and section 6.

Section 1 Scope

These regulations apply to personnel who perform tasks related to safety on railways, including tramways, underground railways and suburban railways etc.

“Personnel” means persons performing duties for a railway undertaking.

For the purpose of these regulations “railways” include funicular railways.

Section 2 Railway personnel encompassed by the alcohol limit and compulsory abstinence from alcohol etc., in the Railways Act

The requirements of the Railways Act section 3a and section 3b apply to railway personnel:

a) who perform rail traffic control,

b) who perform functions related the operation of funicular railways

c) who drive rolling stock

d) who perform or are in charge of shunting

e) who perform rail traffic safety tasks on board trains, including emergency tasks,

f) who are responsible for safety in connection with work and activity on and near rail track, and

g) who assess the condition of operational rolling stock and the technical functions of the infrastructure in relation to rail traffic safety.

Section 3 Obligations on operators of railway undertakings

Whoever operates infrastructure or rail transport services are obliged to inform personnel who perform job tasks as mentioned in section 2 about the requirements of these regulations. This shall not exempt personnel mentioned in section 2 from their own responsibility for knowing the rules that govern the performance of the tasks concerned.

Section 4 Entry into force

These regulations enter into force on 1 January 2007.

“Regulations no. 782 of 6 August 1993 on compulsory abstinence from alcohol etc., for persons employed in the operating department of railway, tramway, underground railway and suburban rail undertakings which are engaged in the carriage of persons or goods” will be revoked on the same date.

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