WID/Gender Units and the experience of Gender Mainstreaming in Multilateral Organisations

WID/Gender Units and the Experience of Gender
Mainstreaming in Multilateral Organisations

"Knights on White Horses"?*

March 1999

Gisela Geisler (team leader),
Bonnie Keller and Anne-Lene Norman

With contributions by Torill Iversen and Karin Kapadia and assistance from Maggie Mabweijano and Maureen Mbaalu-Mukasa (Uganda), Mary Shawa (Malawi) and Sadeka Halim (Bangladesh)

* A commentator in one of the organisations surveyed here likened the WID/gender advisers to knights on white horses, who like their medieval counterparts defend their vision of an ideal society sometimes persuasively, sometimes agressively, but always with bravery and conviction.

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