Arctic Strategy

The Norwegian Government presented on 21 April a new Arctic Strategy. An English short version of the strategy is now available.

Norway's Arctic Strategy (pdf)

The Arctic is important for Norway and for the world as a whole. The Government’s vision is for the Arctic to be a peaceful, innovative and sustainable region where international cooperation and respect for the principles of international law are the norm. Foreign and domestic policy are intertwined in the region, and people’s everyday lives are affected both by high politics and by day-to-day issues. The Norwegian government has written an integrated Arctic strategy that incorporates both foreign policy and domestic policy.  

Our Arctic policy builds on our long-term efforts. Our key priorities in this strategy are continuation of a well-function international cooperation with our Arctic neighbours, securing a sustainable business development, a knowledge-based development of the Arctic, a infrastructure in tune with growth and the green transition and ensuring a responsible approach when it comes to environmental protection, safety, emergency preparedness and response.

Photo front cover: Audun Rikardsen
Credit: Front cover: Audun Rikardsen