Meld. St. 10 (2016–2017)

Risk in a Safe and Secure Society

This white paper presents the Government’s policy on public security efforts and constitutes the Government’s public security strategy in a four-year perspective.

The white paper discusses eight core areas that are highly significant for public security. Four of them concern specific threats and risks in the area of public security. These challenges are cross-sectoral and global in nature; they can lead to serious crisis and will require broad, long-term efforts:

  1. digital vulnerabilities and ICT security
  2. natural hazards
  3. serious crime
  4. contagious diseases and hazardous substances – improved CBRNE preparedness

Four areas concern different aspects of the work to improve public security and management ability, independent of concrete risks. These are:

  1. our ability to manage contingencies
  2. civil-military cooperation and total defence
  3. attitudes, culture and leadership for effective public security
  4. learning from exercises, incidents and crisis

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