NOU 2013: 10

Natural benefits – on the values of ecosystem services

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1 Foreword

Norwegian Official Reports (NOUs) are reports published by committees/commissions or working groups appointed by the Norwegian Government or by a ministry. NOUs contain recommendations to the Government concerning policies and measures, and they often form the basis for proposals that the Government submits to the Norwegian Parliament, the Storting. NOUs are often quoted and reproduced in Reports to the Storting and in other official documents.

In October 2011, the Norwegian Government appointed an expert Commission to assess and study the value of ecosystem services. The Commission was asked, among other things, to describe the consequences for society of the degradation of ecosystem services, to identify how relevant knowledge can best be communicated to decision-makers, and to make recommendations about how greater consideration can be given to ecosystem services in private and public decision-making. Stein Lier Hansen chaired the Commission. On 29 August 2013, the Commission submitted its recommendations to the Minister of the Environment in the form of a Norwegian Official Report entitled NOU 2013: 10 Natural benefits – on the values of ecosystem services (Naturens goder – om verdier av økosystemtjenester).

In September 2013 the report was distributed for a broad public consultation among affected stakeholders, including the authorities, business and industry, academic communities and NGOs. After this consultation, the Government will consider how to follow up the work.

The Commission's summary and conclusions are presented in this document. Further information about the Commission’s mandate and work is available here:

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