NOU 2015: 8

The School of the Future — Renewal of subjects and competences

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To the Ministry of Education and Research

In the Royal Resolution dated 21 June 2013 the Government appointed a Committee to assess the subjects in primary and secondary education and training in terms of the requirements for competences in future working life and society. The Committee refers to its interim report NOU 2014: 7 Pupils’ learning in the school of the future [Elevenes læring i fremtidens skole]1, and hereby submits its main report.

Oslo 15 June 2015

Sten Ludvigsen (chair)

Eli Gundersen

Sigve Indregard

Bushra Ishaq

Kjersti Kleven

Tormod Korpås

Jens Rasmussen

Mari Rege

Sunniva Rose

Daniel Sundberg

Helge Øye

Hege Nilssen (Head of the secretariat)

Knut Gustav Andersen

Pia Elverhøi

Hedda Birgitte Huse

Helle Kristin Jensen

Torun Riise

Susanne Skjørberg



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