Priority research needs of the Ministry of Climate and Environment (2016-2021)

Policy development and governance in the field of environment and climate change must be knowledge-based. This means that the environmental authorities must have information on the state of the environment, drivers of change, pressures and impacts, and appropriate tools and policy instruments. This document describes priority knowledge needs for the period 2016–2021. It is based on input from the Norwegian Environment Agency, the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority.

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Rock carving: Alta museum. Photo: Viggo Lindahl
Smoke rising from a chimney: Photo: Svein Magne Fredriksen
Seal on ice: Photo: Harald Rensvik, Ministry of Climate and Environment
Houses in Bergen: Photo: Svein Magne Fredriksen, Ministry of Climate and Environment
Vikran, Ingøy in Finnmark. Photo: Viggo Lindahl
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