Prop. 67 L (2020–2021)

Amendments to the Election Act (assistance when voting)

In this Proposition, the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation proposes certain amendments to Act no. 57 of 28 June 2002 relating to parliamentary and local government elections (the Election Act). The Ministry proposes an amendment to the provision relating to the duty to be on a list at parliamentary elections. The proposal entails that if a person does not wish to be on an electoral list, it is sufficient for an exemption to be granted that the person submits a written declaration. The proposal brings the provision in the Election Act into line with an amendment made to the Constitution of Norway (Constitution). The Ministry also proposes an amendment to the Election Act which would enable voters with mental or physical disabilities who require assistance to vote to choose a helper themselves. The proposal entails that the requirement for an election official also having to be inside the polling booth shall be repealed. The Proposition also includes a proposal that the municipalities no longer need to send all polling cards from advance voting to the county electoral committee.

Parliamentary procedure

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